30 years of W:O:A

30 years of Wacken: the organisers,Thomas Jensen and Holger Hübner from ICS Festival Service, celebrated the anniversary of their festival with 75,000 metal fans. This was the 14th time that the crew from Stageco Deutschland, led by project manager Sebastian Kraas and construction managers Markus Olma and Sven "Jimmy", were part of the event on the "Holy Ground". The success story of Wacken Open Air began in August 1990 with 800 spectators. Held in the tranquil village of Wacken, it has since become a thriving metal event running for several days and attracting visitors from all over the world. The 75,000 tickets have been selling out within days since 2010 thanks to a history of line-ups featuring gems such as Rammstein, Iron Maiden, Scorpions or Motörhead. Performing at the 30-year anniversary edition from 1 to 3 August in Schleswig-Holstein's Wacken were Sabaton, Slayer, Saxon, Powerwolf, Bullet for My Valentine and Parkway Drive, along with many other metal bands. This time, a triple X for 30 years was emblazoned beneath the striking Wacken skull between the main stages. The portal supporting the two decorative elements came from the stage construction company Stageco Germany, as did the stages named after the festival's motto: Faster Stage, Harder Stage and Louder Stage. Stageco Deutschland also delivered various entrance portals and truss towers for banners, etc. A total of 60 trucks were deployed to transport the necessary material to Wacken. Stageco Deutschland congratulates the Wacken team around the festival's founders, Thomas Jensen and Holger Hübner, on 30 years of Open Air. Sebastian Kraas, Project Manager at Stageco Deutschland: "Congratulations on this anniversary, with our 14 years of excellent collaboration. Here at Stageco Deutschland, we're all looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead ". photos: (c) ICS Festival Service GmbH