Ehrlich Brothers Düsseldorf

On 15 June 2019, the Ehrlich Brothers delivered spectacular magic tricks, three world records, and an impressive pyro and light show at Düsseldorf's Merkur Spiel Arena. They enlisted the support of Stageco Deutschland to implement "Flash—The Stadium Show" on a 60 by 20 metre stage. With this performance, which attracted 40,211 visitors, the duo set a new world record for the "most spectators at a magic show", breaking their own record set in 2016 for an appearance at the Frankfurt Commerzbank Arena attended by 38,000 visitors. At the new "Flash—The Stadium Show" in Düsseldorf, Andreas and Chris Ehrlich delighted their fans with many highlights, including brand new illusions performed as a world premiere. To cite just a couple of examples, the magicians appeared from nowhere in a genuine helicopter, and later forged a golden Lamborghini before the spectators' very eyes, with which they then disappeared to the other end of the hall as if by magic. The organisers S-Promotion drew on the support of Stageco Deutschland to execute the event. The 60 metres wide and 20 metres high customized solution consisted of a tower as a supporting structure for several LED walls with an overall surface area of over 1,100 square metres to give all spectators the best possible view of the magic show. The magicians also presented several of their illusions on a catwalk in the midst of the audience. The magnitude and complexity of the magic show and the recording of the event for a DVD production and TV broadcast called for extensive preparation and rehearsing of the show elements. The assembly phase was therefore subject to a very tight schedule. Detailed consultation and the prompt completion of each work section, from rigging, lighting, sound and set décor, down to the teams for the special effects, pyrotechnics and technical requirements for the magic tricks, were vital to ensure a smooth overall workflow. In order to adhere to the stringent timetable, Stageco Deutschland deployed a 30-strong crew to assemble the special structure in just three days. photos: (c) Sebastian Drueen, Sebastian Konopix