Genesis - Turn It On Again Tour 2007

Genesis chose a state-of-the-art stage for their 2007 world tour, designed by Mark Fisher and Jeremy Lloyd. As one of the most visually spectacular bands of their era, they opted for a sculpturally ornate structure built from truss and bristling with lighting technology. Stageco was the clear choice when it came to manufacturing this construction. Genesis are one of the company’s oldest clients and Stageco cut its teeth into international touring in the mid 1980s when the band used one of their stages for their Mama tour. In those days they just used scaffolding with a standard festival roof, but for this tour Stageco created a bespoke stage designed entirely around the lights and video production. About 60 percent of this stage is custom built as we had to translate the Studio Fisher drawings into a portable structure. It was a very special structure curved in two planes with the screens fitting into it seamlessly.