Muse European Tour 2019

Muse ended the only German open-air performance of their "Simulation Theory Tour 2019" with a spectacular show featuring" Murph", the outsized, robot-like alien emerging from behind the stage. Stageco Deutschland was involved in all concerts on the band's European open-air tour as staging provider. The ingredients for the futuristically dark show delivered by the British prog musicians consisted of unique costumes with light effects, a dark army of dancers in neon colours, and bombastic videos playing on a screen. The countless hits of this band, which was founded in 1994, met with a euphoric reception from around 40,000 fans in Cologne's RheinEnergie stadium. The breath-taking show was made possible by the stage construction designed especially for Muse by Stageco Deutschland. As with many stage designs nowadays, a conscious decision was taken to dispense with a classic stage roof in favour of a gigantic rear wall made of LED walls. This called for 14-metre long cantilever trusses to bear the immense weight of the sound and lighting equipment without hindering the spectators' view. The semi-circular shape of the steel construction meant that a large open set could be created, allowing a maximum number of stadium visitors an obstructed view of the stage show. Furthermore, the stage area, measuring approx. 1,500 square metres, provided enough space for the production's extravagant set structures. The stage, developed and constructed by Stageco Deutschland, also carried the convex LED wall, which was approx. 13 metres high and 40 metres wide. The overall structure was just under 30 metres high and 55 metres wide. The technical planning, engineering and structural analysis were carried out at the Königsbrunn headquarters. The Muse "Simulation Theory Tour 2019" ran until 26 July and comprised 17 open-air performances in 15 cities, including Moscow, Helsinki, Prague, Rome and Madrid. In order to achieve the tight tour schedule, two stage sets were deployed, each with 14 Stageco Deutschland crew members. The 375 tons of staging materials for each set were transported on 17 trailers, respectively.