Take That - The Circus Live Tour 2009

Stageco supplied the custom designed and manufactured main stage, which was the essential skeleton of the production. The key elements of the stage were six 25m and two 12m conical towers, which represented the poles of a big top — except they were located on the outside of the tent on the stage that housed the support bands. The stage set went through numerous hydraulic moves during the performance and the structure was carefully conceived to carry extensive production elements. The structure went up really quickly: a three-day build, with a crew of 17 working 12-hour shifts, aided by a local crew of 30, erected the steel work before production could move in. The circus tent in the middle that is lifted off the back side of the structure had to be integrated within the whole structure. It wasn’t easy to do that because it put different forces into the structure, but it gave us a challenge. This production took up to 20 trucks. Especially the cones took up a lot of volume. Seven trucks contained nothing but steel cones.